Soil and Water Testing
The Physico-Chemical analysis of soil and water samples for new and existing public and private water bodies of Punjab.
Extension Services
Department is actively involved in promotion of fish farming throughout the province for increasing the aquatic protein production.
Applied Training
The Fisheries Research & Training Institute trains manpower of various levels for development of aquaculture and fisheries in the public and private sectors.
Fishing Spots
The department has allocated some spots for fishing with the aim to enhance this sports for the general public.
Diseases of Fish and their Control
The tremendous growth in fish farming has highlighted various issues of fish diseases related to stocking density etc.
Management of Fisheries Resources
Proper management strategy is adopted for the fishing, harvesting and marketing to uplift of the socio-economic conditions of fishermen and fish farmers.

Worthy Minister Wildlife and Fisheries  Punjab visit Fish Hatchery  Rawalpindi along with Director  General Fisheries Punjab on 15-06-21...


Worthy Secretary Forest, Wildlife & Fisheries Punjab at Fisheries Complex Manawan, Lahore along with the Director General Fisheries...

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New Initiatives
Cage Culture
The cage culture of fish is being done in various parts of the world. In this technique the fish species are cultured in cage made of net of appropriate material. This technique offers many advantages of culture as much more production is achieved through intensive culture. Fish are fed an artificial diet & harvested on reaching marketable size. However, problems associated with this system are water quality, poaching and disease.
Shrimp Culture
The rules of business of Fisheries Department envisage promotion and development of fish and shell fish culture. Worldwide shrimp/ prawn are cultured and consumed being a delicacy. These are delicious and nutritious crustaceous. So far their culture in Pakistan has not been carried out on commercial scale. However, sporadic reports on culture of different species of prawns are available in Pakistan
Gift Talapia
To promote the Gift Talapia new development project started with the name ”Establishment Of Tilapia Fish Seed Hatchery And Shrimp Farm At Muzaffargarh” with the following objectives. To establish Tilapia fish seed hatchery to provide quality tilapia fish seed to the fish farmers. To produce 0.8 million Fish seed of monosex Tilapia (GIFT) per annum to make the saline waters more productive.